Monday, July 27, 2009

Ep 38: Done With High School

Since the argument Timothy and Barbarous no longer speak to each other.

Oh and it's Timothy's last day of school. He's going to flunk but who cares.
Barbarous spends the day babysitting Jr while playing the guitar
Jonathan's next opponent arrives.
Lets get this show on the road.
Isn't that nice Samantha has come to cheer him on.
Samantha gives Jonathan a celebratory hug.
Timothy is finally done with High School.
Well better race home there's a party waiting for him.
When Timothy gets home he waits for his ponytail friend to turn up but he never does. Maybe Barbarous has ruined Timothy's chances with him.
Nonetheless the party gets swinging.
Barbarous' work friend turns up which is odd because Barbarous is still at work.
Timothy and her end up talking.
Barbarous' friend seems to think he's kind of cute.
Barbarous finally gets home from work.
And invites his friend to join him on the couch.
But it pays off.
Timothy starts getting ideas.