Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ep 33: Bye Bye Adult Holly

Tomorrow Holly joins the grey hair brigade but other than that things are rosey.

Barbarous has been promoted to roadie.
It's a cool gig but the hours are hell.
Timothy is having difficultly sharing his room with a newborn.
So he usually just skips school to catch up on his beauty sleep.
Yeah you know how I said it was time for Jonathan to start embezzling campaign funds?
He's just been fired for doing exactly that.
So with nothing else to do for the rest of the day he goes to the park to play chess with strangers.
Meanwhile Holly organises her birthday party.

The turn out looks good.
Things get swinging.
Samantha quickly finds a silver haired fox deserving of her attentions.

Back at the park everyone but Jonathan has left but he still doesn't want to go home.
Bye bye adult Holly
Hello elder Holly
When Barbarous gets out of work he sees his father alone in the park playing chess.
He doesn't say a word just sits down and shares a game with his old man.
Holly is probably wondering where Jonothan is.
Samantha is making good progress with the silver haired fox.
And later in the night Holly accidentaly walks in on them. But she quickly leaves and lets them at.
Jonothan finally gets home.
Luckily for him Holly is already asleep.

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