Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ep 23: The Maid Refuses

Since hooking up with Samantha, the maid has spent all her time hanging round the house swimming in the pool.

I think everyone else is starting to wonder when she's going to leave.
Still Samantha thinks she has her uses.
But suddenly when she tries to take it further.
The maid refuses.
And goes downstairs for a snack instead.
Where she bumps into Sugar Daddy.
Maybe he's still in with a chance after all.
The next morning Jonathan continues job hunting.
But when he can't find what he's looking for he spends all day playing chess instead.
The maid has a bit of a nap.
When Samantha finally emerges from bed there appears to be some tension between the two of them.
Samantha tries to work through it in the bedroom.

But it's the same story as last night.
But this time when the maid tries to leave
Samantha chases after her.

Words are exchanged.
The help is unapologetic.
And they're through.
Geez I hope work isn't awkward tomorrow.

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