Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ep 28: Dualing Birthday Parties

Believe it or not but Samantha turns fifty today.

It's also Timothy's birthday. He's failing school by the way, I don't really know what happens when you fail school.
Samantha spends the day painting.
And then it's time to organise the dualing birthday parties.
So when you fail school you just have to stay back extra late. Doesn't seem that bad really.
The first guests begin to arrive. Samantha's new boy is clearly enthralled with her.
Library Chick also turns up much to Samantha's displeasure.
The birthday boy finally gets home from school.
One sparkly twirl later and he's a teenager. Apparently his difficult childhood has given him the grumpy trait.
Well Samantha it's your turn next.
Meanwhile Jonathan and Library Chick enjoy each other's company in the kitchen.
Samantha before hitting the big five oh.
Her boy looks to be having second thoughts.
And he quickly leaves. Typical.
Library Chick watches one of the guests play the guitar.
When she goes back inside, Jonathan asks her to go steady.
She agrees.
The two of them escape to his room.
And Jonathan finally gets some.
The next morning that woman is still out the front.

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