Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ep 15: Dropping the Bomb

Jonathan is starting to get stir crazy again.

So he invites his new neighbor to go fishing with him.

When they get to the lake Jonathan tries to explain the joys of fishing.

But the neighbor decides to read the paper instead.

With his man date falling on it's face Jonathan decides to call it a day.

When he get's home Samantha has mysteriously changed outfits.

She has something to tell him.

She's pregnant!

Jonathan finds this highly amusing.

And goes for a nap.

Well at least this time she knows who the father is.

She calls Monobrow's son around.

And butters him up

Before dropping the bomb.

But it turns out he couldn't be happier.

Also he's the Fonz.

You know on reflection this could have gone a lot worse for Samantha.

Still Monobrow's son might be alright as a toy boy but he's not really father material.

For that she'll need someone with a full time job.

So she gives her gay boyfriend the news.

He is a little surprised.

But amazingly he's totally cool with it.

Next Dump Him on the Ground

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