Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ep 11: Not the Best Timing in the Universe

The next morning while getting breakfast Samantha sees this track suit wearing fellow.

He's like a younger less ugly monobrow.

Funny story, it looks like he's dating that black dude. And that guy doesn't appreciate half naked chicks coming on to his man.

Still Samantha isn't one to shy away from a challenge.

A lot of time and damn near every trick in the book later...

But when she tries to take it further

He shuts her down.

This is not the best timing in the universe.

There is drama.

Samantha and Gal Pal are through.

But hey at least Samantha has a project now.

When she gets home she finds Jonathan and Library Chick making out on the couch.

Not in the mood for PDAs she lashes out at Library Chick.

Library Chick gives as good as she gets.

But the final straw is when Samantha makes fun of Library Chick's dancing.


Jonathan manages to get Library Chick to cuddle in bed.

But she totally ends up blue balling him.

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