Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ep 37: And Then This Happens

Today Timothy's ponytail sporting school chum drops by.

Timothy doesn't get along with many people so it's nice to see he has at least one friend.

They head up to Timothy's room to hang out.
I'm not really sure why but Barbarous takes an almost immediate dislike to the ponytail kid.
Timothy goes downstairs to make dinner.
And out of nowhere Barbarous slaps the kid across the face.
That was uncalled for.
Jonathan calls round his next opponent.
Hey check it out it's the fuzz.
He swiftly beats her. Yeah he's back.
Meanwhile downstairs the ponytail kid joins Timothy in the lounge.

Man what is with these two.
Timothy asks his friend to join him on the couch.
And then this happens.

Wait a second is that why Barbarous hates this kid?
With Barbarous hanging around the ponytail kid suddenly remembers he has an urgent appointment and runs off.
Barbarous is furious. He really lays into Timothy.
But Timothy fights back and the two trade insults for hours.
And when the dust finally settles they're now mortal enermies.

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