Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ep 10: Yep...Comfy

Jonathan calls his next victim/opponent.

Hey check it out it's the library chick, I didn't know she was into chess.

Well Jonathan better not let his guard down.

Victory. Afterwards he invites her to stay and hangout.

Samantha figures she should make herself scarce.

With his ex-wife out of the way Jonanthan tries to kiss the library chick.


But she will give him this rather condescending hug.

Meanwhile Samantha is meeting Gal Pal's family.

It's a lovely house.

I wouldn't have a clue how all these people are related.

Back at the house Library chick is dancing up a storm. You know she does that a lot, dance in the corner by herself. It's starting to worry me.

Samantha and Gal Pal get comfy.

Very comfy.


And hey after a long night of dancing Jonathan is finally able to steal a kiss from the Library Chick.

Of course all the booze they drank probably didn't hurt.

Still he's a perfect gentleman and lets her have the bed all to herself.

While he passes out on the floor.

Next Not the Best Timing in the Universe

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