Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ep 6: Couch Potato and Easily Amused

So it turns out if you hack too often the FBI fry your system. Pro tip jamming a screwdriver into your disk drive is not how to fix a computer.

Unable to get the computer working again Jonathan crashes on the sofa. Monobrow decides to be a prick and turns on the television.

Which wakes Jonathan.

Who retaliates by slapping Monobrow in the face. Monobrow flees the house in embrassement.

While her hurt has lessoned somewhat Samantha still doesn't like being in the same room as Jonathan.

But there's no time for that because the baby is on the way.

As Samantha races out the door Jonathan crashes on the bed and the sink springs a leak.

Step on it mister.

The hospital.

And it's a lovely baby boy. His name is Barbarous his traits are Couch Potato and Easily Amused.

While at the hospital no one came to visit Samantha and now no one is going to pick her up.

Home Sweet Home. For those keeping score the sink, the computer and the toilet are all broken.

So I checked Barbarous' Family tree and Jonathan is the father.

Next Formal Dress Code

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