Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ep 2: Pinteresque

The next day Samantha continues her art work, while Jonathan decides that the time has come to challange a seeded chess player in a ranked match.

This is his opponent.

Samantha answers the door and wastes no time by checking if she's single. She isn't, apparrently she's married to some dude. Pity.

The match begins.

Jonathan's opponent gives nothing away.

the tension in the room is pinteresque.

Oh look Samantha's taken some time out from her art to cheer on her man.

Alas Jonathan is defeated but he handles it graciously.

Samantha on the other hand loses her shit.

And after a long screaming match she's made a new enermy. Watch your back bitch.

Once the chess woman has left, Jonathan begins hacking for the night while Samantha puts the finsihing touches on her painting before bed.

Ta Da! She sells it for a pittance. Clearly she's got a long way to go before she can make a living from this art racket.

Next Chess Makes the Pain Go Away

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