Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ep 9: KAHN!

The kid puts a dampener on the evening and the gal pal and her daughter leave without incident the next day.

Barbarous seems to really enjoy wailing on that xylophone.

Samantha paints a lovely portrait of Babarous.

While Jonathan challenges his next chess opponent.

He creams her. He's really starting to make headway in this whole underground chess scene.

The next day the toilet breaks again

So Samantha escapes to the art gallery.

She arranges to meet her gal pal there, but wait is that her old enemy Mrs Bunch?

It is and it appears she's recognised Samantha. KAHN!

Mrs Bunch prepares to rumble.
Oh dear.

Afterwards Samantha apologizes to her gal pal for causing a scene.

Then she asks if they can go steady.


She goes home and celebrates by painting another picture of Barbarous. But it kind of sucks.

Next Yep...Comfy

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