Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ep 5: Baby on the Way

With a baby on the way I make sure I get the essentials

Since hearing about the pregnancy Monobrow's been hanging around everyday in his underwear slowly growing smellier and smellier.

Samantha is getting better at her art but still misses Jonathan.

Jonathan is finding his domestic situation awkward.

And because of that has been spending more and more time in the public library.

One day an old man turns up at the door. Holy crap it's monobrow he got old fast

Samantha brings him inside and asks if they can "Go Steady" (the next level of relationship in the game).

He agrees and they kiss.

Meanwhile back at the public library Jonathan meets this lovely young lady.

He asks if she's single. Turns out she is.

With the baby's arrival due to happen soon I splash out on toys.

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