Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ep 35: Shell Shocked

The next day it's Jonathan's responsibility to organise Holly's funeral.

For the time being I place her grave by the statue in the backyard.
The guests arrive. Why are they all dancing?
The family goes outside to mourn.
Timothy looks shell shocked.
This is one of Barbarous' work colleagues.
It was nice of her to show up
I'm sure Barbarous appreciates it.
Timothy looks for comfort in his birth father.

But it just turns awkward.
Holly's father starts a fight with Samantha
Samantha doesn't have to take his crap.
I have literally no idea what that was about. Feel free to speculate.

After the funeral Jonathan goes to look after Jr.
While Samantha heads to the cemetery.
And buries Holly next to Sugar Daddy.

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