Monday, July 6, 2009

Ep 17: At Least the Cake is Good

Today Barbarous becomes a teenager.

Surprisingly he's managing to get straight As in school. It's surprising because since the new baby arrived I haven't really bothered trying to make him excell.

Samantha's Boy Toy still hangs around mooching food.

But then heads off before GBF gets home.

In all Samantha is pleased with the little set up she's got going.

That day GBF is exhasted and angry after work.

Instead of going home he decides to have a rest in the park instead.

Samantha quickly puts together a last minute birthday party for Barbarous.

The guests begin to arrive.

This is Barbarous' best friend. I can't be sure but I think he thinks Samantha is a milf.

Woo Party

And so Barbarous is now a teenager. Personally I think it's almost creepy how much his features are a mashup of Jonathan and Samantha's.

Even though Library Chick turns up, her and Jonathan barely exchange a few words.

But hey at least the cake is good.

GBF returns from the park. He seems pissed.

He makes a beeline for Samantha.

They fight.

And Samantha is victorious.

Soon after the party dies down.

GBF tries to warn Toy Boy what he's getting into.

I'm not sure he understands.

Then in the middle of the night GBF hugs Timothy one last time and leaves for good.

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