Monday, July 20, 2009

Ep 32: As Long as Everyone Pitches in

With the baby due soon Jonathan and Holly need all the sleep they can get.

For his part Jonathan wants it to be a girl. I agree there's enough dudes in this place as it is.
Holly uses the money she got from her folks to invest in a few local businesses.
She should get enough from that every week to never need to work again.
Then she goes to the library to read up on pregnancy.
When she gets home she tries to repair things with Samantha
It looks to be going okay.
But when she turns her back.
Heh Heh Heh
Samantha then goes to start a new painting.
Before long it's time.
Holly and Jonathan head to the hospital.

The next morning they get home with their new kid. Unfortunately it's a boy, his name is Jonathan Jr.
Well as long as everyone pitches in this shouldn't be too painful.
Samantha completes her latest painting.
And Jonathan just got elected to the town council.
Time to start stealing embezzling campaign funds.

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