Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ep 20: A Wonderful Day

He accepts.

And the two kiss.
Well now that Samantha is going to be a pampered trophy wife she better dress the part.
This should do.
Samantha wants to get married as soon as possible.
So the next morning she arranges it for that day.
Before the service she meets with her estranged family.
She lets Jonathan in on the plan.

Looks like he's hip to it.
The first guests arrive. Wait did GBF bring a date?
More arrivals. It appears Toy Boy still has feelings for Samantha.
So much so, he races off before the service can even begin.
And begin it does.

They are now husband and wife.
Some keep their feelings to themselves.
While others wear their hearts on their sleeves.
But for new friends.
And for old ones.
It's a wonderful day.

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