Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ep 12: Funky Posters

Jonathan is starting to go stir crazy from spending too much time at home.

So I send him fishing.

He sucks and fails to catch anything but at least the peaceful scenery calms him down.

And when he gets home he tells Barbarous all about it.

Speaking of Barbarous it's his birthday again. I buy some funky posters to decorate the home for the party.

The guests start to arrive.

Woo Party.

I have no idea who these people are.

Probably shouldn't have invited her now that I think about it.

Barbarous' last few moment as a toddler.

Presto Change-o he's now a fully fledged child. All that xylophone playing payed off cause he now has the trait Virtuoso.

Jonathan asks Library Chick to join him in the boudoir.

She accepts.

Soon after the party dies out and Samantha is left feeling exhasted.

But when she tries to go to bed she interrupts Library Chick and Jonathan.

A fight breaks out.

And Samantha ends up slapping Library Chick in the face.

This can't be good.

Next Now a Proper Adult

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