Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ep 13: Now a Proper Adult

Today is Barbarous' first day of school. Initially I tried to make him look cool. Then I settled on making him look stupid.

Jonathan has another chess opponent.

He easily defeats her. His win loss record now stands at 4-1-0.

Samantha decides to head to the beach.

She meets Gal Pal's gay brother there and asks him to leave his boyfriend for her. Surprisingly he accepts.

The two go home to celebrate.

But just end up cuddling.

That night Samantha's new boyfriend wakes Jonathan up with his jazzercising.

At first it looks like a fight might break out.

But after Jonathan carefully explains where he's coming from

Samantha's boyfriend sees the error of his ways.

A new man has just moved into the neighborhood.

Samantha appears pleased to meet him.

Speaking of Samantha it's her 30th Birthday today.

She gets a little painting done before the party.

And then the first guests arrive.

Jonathan meets the new neighbor while Samantha mixes some drinks.

Woo party.

And there you go Samantha is now a proper adult. The game no longer considers her a young adult.

You know it suddenly occurs to me that Samantha's boyfriend wore a tracksuit to a formal event. What a twat.

That night instead of spending it with Samantha he sits in Barbarous' room and plays with his toys.

And when that ceases to be amusing he goes outside to play the guitar in his underwear.

Next He Isn't in High School Anymore

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