Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ep 34: Quiet as the Grave

Holly and Jonathan still haven't talked about last night.

Meanwhile Samatha's silver haired fox is still chillin round the house.
When Holly goes downstairs to prepare breakfast she runs into Samantha.
They get to talking.
And finally put aside their differances.
Samantha even dances with her.
Jonothan finally wakes up.
Time to tell Holly what happened.
She doesn't take the news well.
Jonathan is unrepentant.
Well this isn't good.
Jonathan storms off.
Samantha dumps her silver haired fox.
Being a maneater was funny in her twenties but as an elder it's just getting a little sad.
I send Samantha to the art gallery to think about such matters.
Holly gets started on diner.
While Jonathan plays chess in the park.
Holly leaves the pot on the stovetop.
And goes to feed Jonathan Jr.

The gallery is quiet as the grave.
So Samantha heads home.
That pot is still on the stove.
Everyone with some sense runs outside.
This wasn't a great time for Jonathan to get home.
Holly bravely tries to put the fire out.
But she ends up trapped.

and when the flames have died down.

Jonathan is destroyed.

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