Friday, July 10, 2009

Ep 22: Last Night's Lover

With Samantha "using" his bed, Suger Daddy is forced to sleep on the couch.
The next morning, Barbarous is the first in the house to wake up.
Since becoming a teenager his grades have slipped. He was on a B average now he's only getting Cs.
Jonathan tries to find a job.
But when he can't find what he's looking for he invites round his next chess opponent instead.
This is her.
Oh look new maid. You know I don't think maids dress like this in RL.
Samantha wakes up at the crack of noon.
And meets the help.
While Jonathan brutally defeats his opponent.
Suger Daddy has also noticed the new maid.
Maybe it's payback time for Samantha.
But when he tries to put the moves on she doesn't appear too impressed.
She's much more receptive of Samantha.
So she moves in for the kill.
Oh dear I forgot last night's lover was still hanging around.
Samantha doesn't have to take that.
And she swiftly beats the snot out of him.
Afterwards she takes the help to the bouidor.
And claims her prize.
While Suger Daddy nurses his ego with a spot of gardening.

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