Sunday, July 5, 2009


I started documenting my playthrough of the Sims 3 for my own amusement. It has kind of turned into an alarming not terrible soap opera so I've decided to share it with the screaming void of the internet.

Enjoy, screaming void, enjoy.

First thing need to create a family

The Patriarch
Jonathan McEvil

His traits are
Computer Whiz

His life long dream is to become a Chess Grandmaster

And his wife
Samantha McEvil

Her traits are

Her life long dream is to become a Heartbreaker (in other words date and dump 10 different sims)

I debated about including a kid but at the moment it looks like it'd be too much hassle while the young couple are trying to get established. If they want one later it can always be done the old fashioned way.

The plan is for neither of them to hold steady jobs, Samantha to be an 'Artist' between wrecking homes and Jonathan to make cash as a hacker between trolling forums.

Look at them conspire evilly.

Next House Selection

I've gone for this lovely 2 bedroom fix-her-upper.

I figure for now they can use the second bedroom as a study but if I want to throw a kid into the mix later then it can become a second bedroom.

Throw in some furnishings and voila.

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