Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ep 14: He Isn't in High School Anymore

Now that Samantha has turned 30 she's beginning to get a couple of wrinkles.

Not sure what else to do she heads over to Monobrow's house.

Despite all that's happened he's still happy to see her.

She sits next to Monobrow's son.

They get to talking, turns out he isn't in High School anymore.

They head to monobrow's bedroom.

Samantha mixes some drinks.

And gets hammered.

Mrs Robertson... are you trying to seduce me?

Afterwards Samantha heads home where she sleeps like an angel.

Tonight it's Jonothan's turn to turn 30.

Instead of having a big party he just invites Library Chick round for a quiet dinner.

But before she can even get inside Samantha starts a fight.

It gets ugly.

Library girl leaves. I don't know if Jonathan will see her again.

So Jonathan ends up spending his 30th birthday passed out alone on the couch.

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