Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ep 8: Recently Divorced Gal Pal

Okay like I said before when there's a newborn in the house you don't really get much downtime.

In fact Samantha is so overloaded occasionally she just can't be bothered getting dressed.

But she still paints a little.

And Jonathan plays chess a little.

But I tell you I'm glad when the thing's first birthday rolls round. Oh by the way I chose the dress code "swimsuit" because it let me. I mean, they don't even have a pool.

Jonathan has another chance to get his flirt on.

But for the most part the party is fairly boring.

Even though Barbarous is a toddler now he still demands a lot of attention.

Samantha still has a hard time getting dressed.

And it's not helped by Jonathan's refusal to clean up.

But there are some touching moments

Jonathan even finds time for a rematch with the chess woman.

And this time walks away victorious.

While Samantha's art appears to be stuck in a minimalist phase.

To celebrate his chess victory Jonathan finally gathers the stones to ask library girl out on a proper date.

Not to be out done, Samantha invites a recently divorced gal pal round.

For their first date Jonathan and the library girl go to a local diner. I believe they had a lovely time but I couldn't follow them in.

Meanwhile, sisters are doing it for themselves.

Samantha learns that her gal pal is a hopeless romantic.

So she asks her to stay the night.

She accepts but there's just one small problem.

Next KAHN!

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