Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ep 36: His Life Long Dream

Since the funeral Jonathan has done nothing but play chess by himself.

It's good for his logic skill but probably not so good for his sanity.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Jr is getting really lonely.
But playing with the teddy bear helps.
And Timothy's grades have flatlined. Every morning he goes to school in a misreable state and when he returns home he's too exhasted to do any homework.
Barbarous has been spending more time with his work friend.
He even shows her a song he's been working on.
She looks impressed.
Jonathan spends the whole night seaching the heavens for a star to name after Holly. He is unsuccessful.
The next day Samantha looks to be getting concered about Jr's well being.
So she has a chat with Jonathan.
Something she says resonates with him.
And he goes upstairs to change.
He may be too old to find a new job or wife but there's still his life long dream of becoming a chess grandmaster to take care of. It's go time Jonathan.

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