Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ep 29: Don't Want to Startle the Poor Dear

Samantha tries to get in contact with the Boy but he won't pick up the phone.

Well at least her art is improving. She can actually make a living wage off it now.
Since Sugar Daddy's death the garden has gone completely untended.
So I get Timothy to clear it out.
Samantha spends the whole day cleaning the house. It's oddly soothing for her.
Finally she gets in contact with the Boy and invites him around.
Alright better take this slow.
Don't want to startle the poor dear.
Looking good.
Looking better.
This was probably not a good time for Jonathan to get home from work.
Samantha and the Boy decide to take it to the bedroom.
Can she pull it off?
She's still got it.
The next moring Barbarous runs across his old school chum.
He might be just a little creeped out.
Samantha and the Boy head to the art gallery.
Well this is fun.
You know the Boy really is quiet dull when you get to know him.
So Samantha dumps him.
And heads home. Hey look new maid.
Well at least Samantha can use the cleaning staff as her own personal gigalo service.

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