Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ep 26: An Adult

It's past midnight and Barbarous is alone in a cemetary burying his step-father. It's also his birthday.

I don't think that's really what's on his mind though.
The next morning everyone is still distraugt.
But life goes on and Samantha decides to try and throw Barbarous the best birthday party ever.
Soon the first guests arrive.
Party time.
Barbarous as a teen
And as an adult. A young adult but still an adult.
Now that Sugar Daddy is gone Samantha can ask her latest fling to go steady.
He accepts.
and spends the night.
Now that he's an adult Barbarous is going to need a job.
I manage to get him a sweet gig at the local theatre.
So with his professional life taken care of I just need to find him that special someone.
Hello who's this?
She's single.
But not really interested.
This is Barbarous' "What are you, a lesbian?" pose.

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