Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ep 27: The Nice Restaurant

Today Jonathan got a job offer from city hall. He's finally moving up in the world.

Timothy at least is happy to hear the news.
But he'll need to grind (sorry practice) his speaking skills if he's going to succed
Next morning it's off to work.
This is what I imagine happens when you tell an arcitect to design a building that's as impressive as it is generic.
But with his new job he can afford to take library girl out to the nice restaurant.
Yep things are good.
Meanwhile at home one of Barbarous' old school chums drops by to visit. Unfortunately Barbarous isn't home.
Samantha and the boy share a laugh at the hillarious mix up.
Then Samantha checks if he's single.
He is.
Samantha decides to invite round her current fling.
Now that she's got a younger prettier boy in her sights she has no use for him.

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