Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ep 24: Big Blow Out Birthday Bash

At long last Jonathan has found a job.

It's an entry level position at the same nameless faceless corporation GBF worked at.
The gig won't start for a couple of days but it looks like things may be finally coming up Jonathan.
Meanwhile Samantha is depressed.
Since becoming rich she hasn't really rubbed shoulders with the beautiful people much.
Well all that changes today, cause it's Timothy's birthday and Samantha is going to invite the cream of the local glitterati for a big blow out birthday bash.
The first guests arrive.
Woo party. Also the glitterati sure are surprisingly old.
But Samantha manages to find one future captain of industry to hook up with.
While Barbarous tries his luck with older women. (He isn't successful)
It's getting late but the birthday boy still hasn't made an appearance.
Samantha takes her latest catch to the bedroom.
Yeah that's probably not what you want to accidentally walk in on.
Maybe it was Barbarous' interruption but the blue blood suddenly doesn't want to take it any further.
Samantha really needs to bust this slump.
Timothy finally joins the party.
You know it's nice of his biological father to turn up, even though I didn't invite him.[/passive aggressive bitch]
Timothy's last moments as a toddler.
Blam! He's a child.
Hey he's got Samantha's eyes (But they really look better on her).

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