Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ep 41: Swimsuit Party

Barbarous turns 30 today. Maybe it's time for him to settle down.

I send him over to his work friend's house.
She looks happy to see him.

Very happy.
When Jonathan gets home he does a dance in the living room. Timothy ignores him.
The guests arrive. Just to be differant, it's a swimsuit party.
Man they sure do know a lot of old folk.
Barbarous' girlfriend arrives.
And Timothy wastes no time.
But she's only really interested in Barbarous.
Before 30
After 30. Not much differance really.
Barbarous asks his girlfriend to meet him upstairs.
So she goes to wait for him.
Timothy tries for the interception.
Barbarous is pissed off.
A fight breaks out.
Barbarous' girlfriend doesn't like violence.
And she goes outside to talk to Timothy.
And ends up spending the night with him.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ep 40: Triumphant

After decades apart Jonathan and Samantha are finally back together.

The next morning Jonothan gets a phone call, his old neighbor/fishing pal just passed away. He wasn't much older than Samantha.
But Samantha and Jonathan pay it no mind.
Samantha even starts a new painting.
This is the last day Timothy has to wear this demeaning uniform.
He's just been promoted to Spell Checker. One would have thought his poor academic performance would have had an affect on his career progress but apparently not.
Jonathan finally gets in contact with his next opponent.
Who brings a guitar to a chess match?
The match begins.
And Jonathan is triumphant.
He's finally done it, he's now a Grandmaster Chess Champion.
Meanwhile Samantha gets a phone call. Apparently another of their neighbors has died.
Her and Jonathan contemplate this over pancakes.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ep 39: Like Old Times

Jonathan has developed a nasty bug. Occasionally without warning one of his arms stretches and flails wildly.

Well he better put that aside cause it's Jr's birthday today.
Timothy just finished his first day at work. He's a paperboy, the uniform is demeaning but hey everyone has to start somewhere.
Jr's party gets swinging.
Because Timothy is out of school but Ponytail isn't Timothy can't hit on him anymore.
But at least they can still dance with each other.

Jr as a toddler.
As a child.
Jonathan has been trying to organise his next chess match but his opponent keeps dodging him.
So Jonathan plays a practice game with Samantha instead.
Afterwards Samantha gets ideas.
And they head to her room.

But when Jonathan tries to take it all the way.
Samantha has second thoughts.
It appears that she's over casual flings and wants to go steady instead.
Jonathan agrees.
And the two celebrate like old times.

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