Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ep 25: One More for the Road

Samantha has just had a phone call. Apparently Monobrow is going to die soon.

So she decides to pay him a visit.
It's odd Monobrow is always happy to see Samantha. If I was him I'd probably hate her guts by now.
May as well give him one more for the road.

Meanwhile Jonathan has just finished his first day of work.

He tells Sugar Daddy all about his day. You know they actually have a lot in common.

But then out of nowhere.

So that's death is it? Jonathan is visibly shaken.
Barbarous is hanging at a friends house when he gets the news.
Samantha leaves Monobrow when she hears.
In times like these family needs to stick together.
But when she gets there the phone rings. Monobrow has also passed away.
So not knowing what else to do she goes upstairs to paint and cry.

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