Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ep 21: Girls Like That

After the ceremony Jonathan and Library Chick start hitting it off again.

And Samantha ends up stuck talking to Barbarous' loser friend.
Suger Daddy looks surprisingly down for his wedding day.
Jonathan and Barbarous leave early to check out their new home.
And are soon settled in.
I bleed Sugar Daddy's bank account dry turning this.
Into this. Yes I know, I'm not a very good architect.
Here's is Jonathan's new room.
And Barbarous and Timothy's new rooms.
With all their guests gone the new couple finally decide to head home.
The next morning Jonathan visits Library Chick's home.
Holy shit she's loaded. Why didn't she ever mention she was rich?
Well her parents certainly don't look like they approve of Jonathan.
Jonathan leaves in a hurry. Girls like that don't go for guys like him. Unless...
Jonathan decides from now on he'll knuckle down and work hard till he's proven he can look after Library Chick in the manner she's become accustomed too.
I buy him the mid life crisis perk and change his traits to Workaholic, Ambitious, Charismatic, Smoozer and Evil. Look out world here comes Jonathan.
Meanwhile Samantha is chatting away with the cleaning staff.
Suger Daddy is oblivious.
She invites him upstairs.
And they get to know each other a little better.
Yes in that sense of the word.
Cheer up Sugar Daddy, she may have spent all your money and is now getting off with the help but... you know what I'm kind of struggling to see a silver lining here.

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