Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ep 18: How the Other Half Live

The next morning Samantha wakes up alone. Again.

The bath breaks. Again.

So out of a desperate need for something new Samantha decides to take up jogging.
It's a lovely way to see the scenery.

Samantha runs as far as she possibly can.

And winds up in this ritzy neighborhood.

So this is how the other half live.

Well can't hurt to say hi to the locals.

Even if they do appear a little strange.

The old codger is delighted to meet Samantha he even invites her inside.

Jesus this dude is loaded.

I mean look at this place.

The old codger prepares dinner.

While Samantha starts getting ideas.

A little flirting later.

And Samantha is sleeping on thousand dollar sheets for the night.

That night Timothy's crying wakes Jonathan.

I think this is the moment Jonathan realised he was the only one left to look after this child.

Next Time to Sink the Claws In

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