Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ep 1: Welcome to the Neighborhood

Samantha and Jonathan get settled in and begin work on their "careers".

Oh look Mr and Mrs Bunch have come over to welcome them to the neighborhood.

Things start off on the wrong foot when Samantha hits on the husband, they get worse when she hits on the wife. This is them declaring each other mortal enemies.

Oh well Samantha spies this fellow across the road and decides to introduce herself. He's in high school so romance options are a no go but she does manage to get herself invited into the house.

Where she meets the Man of the house. Ooh and he's single.

Time to puts the moves on.

Damn didn't work. Doesn't he want to make out in front of his dead wife's kids or something?

Still at least she's able to scab a free meal.


Meanwhile Jonathan has just earned $23 dollars from hacking goverment secrets. Go Jonathan.

Monobrow still won't let Samantha stay the night. Man this town is full of prudes.

Well Samantha's day may of been fruitless but Jonathan managed to level up logic twice and earn a bit of scratch.

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