Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ep 31: By the Way Her Name is...

Library Chick would probably love to stay but she needs to leave early.

After all the groom mustn't see the bride on their wedding day.
But he still needs to go to work the next morning.
Samantha and Barbarous mung into some left over cake. Seriously these guys basically have a constant supply of left over birthday cake.
Samantha appears wistful.
And spends the day painting.
Barbarous works afternoons so he's going to miss the ceremony.
It's being held at a local beach.
The ceremony begins.

They are now husband and wife. Oh by the way her name is Holly. Holly McEvil.
The reception kicks off.
Well shucks it's also Jonathan's birthday.
Poor guy.
But at least he's finally got his dream girl.
Barbarous gets back from work and plays an impromptu set.
Then he hits on every single female he can find.

It doesn't go well.

But the joke is on them cause now he gets to have this picnic basket all to himself.
That night Holly wakes up feeling sick.

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