Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ep 16: Dump Him on the Ground

Samantha's GBF (gay boyfriend) decides to move in.

And the next morning it's time for him to start winning some bread.

If you were interested he works as a lackey at this large nameless faceless corporation.

But while the cat's away

The mice will play.

Barbarous makes a new friend at school

They run off to play tag

And help each other with their homework.

Before long the baby is on the way.

Jonathan handles the stressful situation like a man.

And Samantha races to the hospital.

When GBF gets home from work the house is empty except for a sleeping Jonathan.

But before he can get to the hospital a fire breaks out in the kitchen.

Him and Jonathan manage to put out the fire just as the firemen arrive.

Samantha gets a ride home with her toy boy.

The new child is named Timothy. He has the artistic and atheletic traits. And yes Samantha did just dump him on the ground.

Samantha and toy boy celebrate their new child.

Which causes a fight with her GBF. It appears he's alright with it when it's behind his back but he doesn't appreciate having his nose rubbed in it.

Samantha tries to slap some sense into him.

But he storms out of the house.

And goes to sleep on a park bench.

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  1. There are 2 episode 16's.
    Also, this is rape.

  2. Yeah I kind of lost count for a second. It's fixed now.