Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ep 19: Time to Sink the Claws In

Samantha has really managed to out do herself this time.

Time to sink the claws in.

Back at home Barbarous spends all his time either watching T.V or playing the guitar, it's a lifestyle I wholely endorse.
Jonathan got a call from a science lab. They know he's a genius and want to run experiments on him, apparently all he has to do is improve his logic skill.
So he spends all night studying the stars.
Oh yes and it's Timothy's birthday. But everyone else is too absorbed in their own stuff to either notice or care.
Next morning Jonathan goes to the lab.
Well that was the easiest grand he's ever made in his life.
The old codger is really falling for Samantha.
And it's clear what she's got to do.
So she pays her Toy Boy a visit.
And unceremoniously dumps him.
Then it's a quick ride back to her Sugar Daddy.
Where she asks him to go steady.
He accepts.
But wait there's more.
Ta Da!