Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ep 49: No Ghost Love

Jonathan takes another trip to the cemetary.

He's buried too many dead lovers.
Miserable and exhausted he collaspes on a nearby bench and goes to sleep.
When he wakes up.
Holy crap, ghosts.
Hey is that sugar daddy?
Jonathan goes to talk to him. It's good to see him again.
And then he spies the Vixen.

It's great to see her again.
But when he tries to touch her she recoils in horror.
So Jonathan wanders off to meet the other ghosts.
Hey it's Holly.
But even she pulls away from him.
Can't get no ghost love.
Finally Samantha comes out for a stroll.
Jonathan tells her everything that's happened.
She just laughs.
Jonathan goes back to sleep. Most of these ghosts are strangers.
In the morning they're all gone.
Jonathan leaves the cemetary in search of somewhere more peaceful.

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