Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ep 43: What a Dork

Barbarous is feeling miserable.

He wails on the guitar, it appears to help somewhat.
Timothy's boyfriend has been spending a lot of time round the house.
So Jonathan decides it's time to meet him.
They get along splendidly.

The next day Jonathan's arm bug looks to be getting worse. I had hoped it'd go away but he looks to be stuck with it.
And it's Jr's birthday.
Overall he's looks to be adjusting. Despite his neurotic tendencies he's pretty functional.
The guests arrive.
Barbarous' old flame even turns up.
Jr as a kid.
As a teenager. What a dork.
Barbarous makes a new friend.
This upsets his old flame.
But hey she had her chance.
After the party dies down Timothy asks his boyfriend to go steady.
He accepts.
And they race off to the bedroom.

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