Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ep 46: A Little Creeped Out

After the funeral Barbarous' Lady friend spent the night. What a Vixen.

Before Barbarous wakes up she joins Jonathan downstairs. He looks pretty cut up.
So she asks him to cuddle.
But it's too soon and he's a little creeped out.
But he does let her accompany him to the cemetery.
Jonathan says goodbye.
She gives him a shoulder to cry on.

Afterwards Jonathan is still sad.
So the Vixen dances with him to cheer him up.
And agrees to stay another night.
When he's about to go to bed he finds the Vixen asleep in it.
He looks conflicted about something.
The next day she offers Jonathan a cuddle again.
And he accepts.
Then she takes it further.
Timothy is not impressed.

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