Monday, August 3, 2009

Ep 44: Rough Shape

Timothy's boyfriend is still hanging around when Barbarous wakes up.

This annoys Barbarous.
And a fight breaks out.
When Timothy gets downstairs he gives Barbarous a piece of his mind.
But then he has to race off to work.
Barbarous gives the girl from the party a ring.
She agrees to meet him in the park.
The date goes well.
Barbarous even sneaks a kiss in.
Things look to moving quickly between them.
Timothy just got promoted again. He's now a freelance journalist.
He's also gotten the desire to write a biography about his birth father.
Man Toy Boy looks in rough shape.
Timothy pitches the idea.
But Toy boy isn't interested.
He won't even let Timothy interview him.
Tired and frustrated Timothy has no option but to go home.

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