Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ep 45: More Time

Despite her years Samantha still hasn't managed to master the art of not burning a sandwich.

These days she appears to have more time than she knows what to do with.
Barbarous invites round his lady friend.
She races over.
Then something happens to Samantha.

Everyone races upstairs.

And just like that she's gone.
Timothy looks to be in the anger stage.
Jr is stoic
Jonathan organises the funeral.
And places her ashes on the counter.

The guests arrive.
I invited as many of her ex lovers as I could track down.
Barbarous decides that maybe it's time to mend fences with Timothy.
But when he tries they get into an argument.
And a fight.
It looks like their relationship is beyond repair.
Barbarous has to leave the funeral early to go to work.
But his lady friend stays round to comfort Jonathan.
Which is nice of her.
Wait a second...

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