Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ep 48: Do You Hear Something Brother?

Timothy is freaking out. If this wedding goes through he could lose everything.

Jr is also concerned.
Something must be done.
The next morning Jr tracks down the Vixen's ex-boyfriend.
It's actually Barbarous' old pal.
She doesn't look that happy to see him.
And he doesn't have much luck.
Well that was a bust.
Timothy tries taking things into his own hands.
He has some success.
But can't seal the deal.
They're running out of time and options. There's only one thing left to do.
That night after Jonathan has gone to bed.
The Vixen comes downstairs to use the pool.
Time to strike.
Timothy and Jr hastily construct a wall around the pool.
Trapping the vixen.
Do you hear something brother?
Not at all brother.

The Vixen is no more. Timothy and Jr quickly remove the wall and dispose of the evidence.
Jonathan is devestated.
He confronts Timothy about it.
They fight.
Jonathan can't prove anything but he can kick Timothy out of the house.
And he leaves without further complaint.

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